Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Just Love Me!

My little black angel has been rather demanding lately. Percy - affectionately dubbed Sir Percival after the character in The Scarlet Pimpernel - has always been an extremely loving, affectionate cat to the point of annoyance when he wants your attention NOW. However, lately, it's just gotten ridiculous. The Cowboy gets up on weekday mornings at five and usually when his alarm goes off we wake up to a twelve pound black bundle cuddled up on his left side. Percy doesn't sleep by our feet the way the other cat, Puckett, will. He has to be wedged right up against the Cowboy's side, as close as is physically possible.

Then the fun begins.

The Cowboy has to maneuver and navigate himself up and over the cat in order to get out of bed without disturbing His Royal Highness. It wouldn't matter though. Even if one were to scoot right over Percy's head, nearly shaving off his ears, he wouldn't budge. As soon as the Cowboy is out of bed, Percy gets up and moves closer to me where the warmth still is. The other morning we found him burrowed under the covers with only his tail sticking out and his motor rumbling away. On weekend mornings, Percy will wake us up by 8:30 and start attacking our feet or other odd shaped lumps in the blankets and bat at our hands if we happen to push him away. This morning the Cowboy got up earlier than usual as he couldn't sleep and left to go to work. By the time I woke up around 7:30, Percy was still sprawled on the bed, curled up beside him and purring away. I got up to go take a shower. No sooner had I stepped into the shower when a black nose poked its way through the shower curtain.


I pulled the shower curtain back a little and there was Percy sitting on the toilet and glaring at me. "MEOW!" he screamed again. I flicked some water at him which caused him to jump from the toilet in a huff and went back to my shower. When I was finished, I stepped out of the tub and Percy was once again seated on the toilet. His green eyes glared at me with the most accusatory look and his sharp little canines were bared in all their glory as he once again opened his mouth wide and screeched his displeasure at me.

"What the hell is your problem?"


"Well, excuse me. Now get lost." I flicked some more water at him and he jumped down and tore out of the bathroom. I heard him barrel down the stairs to the kitchen. A moment later he barreled back up the stairs, down the hallway past the bathroom, and charged into the bedroom. I went into the bedroom to get dressed and started to make my bed. The Cowboy is the most ridiculous tumblebug so in the mornings my bed looks like a war zone. Blankets everywhere. One is half on the floor. The other one is draped off the other side of the bed. The third one is hanging off the bottom. Its a mess. I shoved all the blankets to the floor to start anew and Percy leaped up onto the bed with only its fitted sheet and began rolling around, making his little happy chirping noise. I picked up the flat sheet and snapped it into the air in order to lay it flat. Percy attacked it, dragged part of it down with his claws, and started to chew on it. I removed the sheet gently from him and straightened it. He attacked my hand. I picked him up and put him on the floor and finished smoothing the sheet. He jumped back up onto the bed and began batting at absolutely nothing on the sheet. I took the blanket and dropped it on the bed to lay it flat as well. Percy was now a Percy shaped lump underneath the blanket. Peaks of blanket started to move this way and that as he batted and pawed underneath. A tail poked out. I started to laugh. Then a head poked out and he looked at me from upside down. I pulled back the blanket and picked him up yet again to put him on the floor. He stayed on the floor long enough for me to straighten the blanket and then jumped up again and began rolling across the blanket. I have one of those plush blankets with a wolf splashed across the front so he must have felt like he was rubbing against a stuffed animal. Finally, as I shook my duvet out over the bed, he reached up with one mitten and swiped at the duvet's coverlet, catching a claw in an already existing tear, and got hung up.

That's what acting silly gets you.

I dropped the duvet on top of him and left the room as the lump that was Percy tried to figure out who turned out the lights. He beat me downstairs to the kitchen anyway where he proceeded to sit with annoyance by the place where his food bowl usually sits. I had put it up on the counter the night before to keep Tess from Hoovering it, which she is wont to do when I turn my back. I filled the bowl and placed it on the floor where he and Puckett proceeded to pig out. I once again got the green eyed glare when I started to put my boots and coat on to go to work. I picked Percy up and got a huge snuggle right under the chin.

Oh, I apologize, precious center of my universe. I didn't realize that all you wanted was for me to cuddle you from the moment I got up. This will be remedied in the future I am quite certain.

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