Friday, April 26, 2013

Maybe It's Not Just the Pets Who Are Codependent...

This morning I awoke at 6:30 a.m. to find the bed quite crowded.  Fortunately for me, the crowdedness was all on the Cowboy's side of the bed.  Puckett (all twenty pounds of bulk) was spread out on his chest and it was actually her extremely loud purring that woke me up.  Willow was curled between the Cowboy's legs and Percy was at the end of the bed.  This was actually rather unusual.  Sometimes we will wake up to Willow on the bed.  Percy usually only joins us after we wake up, launching himself gracefully with finesse onto the bed and trilling his trademark rolling meow.  Puckett is almost never on the bed with us.  She will wait until everyone has cleared off the bed and then stake it out for herself.  I'm sure even Tess would have joined us if she'd been allowed, but alas, poor Tess remained on the floor as she is too big to share a full sized bed with two humans and three cats.

As soon as I woke up and saw Puckett, I tapped my chest and invited her over to my side of the bed and she immediately slid over to me and snuggled in, purring up a storm and rubbing her nose against my hand which is how she demands attention.  The other two cats remained put, but everyone was purring at this point.  Of course I had to gloat that Puckett still chose me when given the option.  This was to get back at the Cowboy for trying to manipulate her to the dark side the other day when he had a pet and cuddle session with her on the stairs before he left for work.

The tranquility didn't last long as Tess needed to go out so the Cowboy got up to let her out and feed the cats.  All three cats jumped from the bed and barreled downstairs for their breakfast.  I wasn't quite ready to get up yet, and several minutes later when I rolled over and peered at the side of the bed there was a pair of ears and two eyeballs staring at me from the floor.  I patted the bed and Puckett jumped up to resume our snuggling.  When I finally got up to take a shower she remained on the bed and waited for me to come back.  She stayed on the bed even as I tried to make it and then followed me from the bedroom back to the bathroom (where she rubbed against the corner of the doorway and watched me) and finally to the kitchen.

Sorry, Cowboy, I guess I'm still winning this war for Puckett's heart.  While it is true that the other two cats had breakfast with the Cowboy and then watched some morning TV with him in the TV room, my girl still remains loyal and faithful to me.  That's a good feeling.

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