Saturday, October 10, 2015

Best Friends

This is a rogue post.  Because Tess is absolutely terrified of the camera and she tends to leave the room whenever I pull out my phone and make like I'm taking a picture, I have to post this.  I snapped this when she was least expecting it and true to form, she left the room after giving me one hell of a dirty look.  This picture, however, sums up the true relationship between Tess and Puckett in all its raw emotion and honesty:

And here's another:


  1. Hi Anita,

    I found your blog as part of the October Platform Challenge! Great posts! I enjoyed reading about your pets. LOVE the photos, especially the one directly above-true friendship knows no bounds between species! I too write about my pets. Here is a post I wrote about my beloved chickens-although I've learned a great deal about chickens in general by having my own little flock, they've truly taught me soooo much more about life itself. Enjoy! Here is the link:

    I wish you well in your writing career and am looking forward to getting to know your endearing pets more in the future!

    Wishing that spring springs up quickly for you!
    Karen Doll

  2. Hi Anita - It's so cool how your dog and cat get along! I am mainly a "cat person" having never owned a dog and even my cats, when I had two of them, did not get on nicely like this. Glad that you were able to get your photos! Yvonne

  3. Great pictures. They are beautiful.

  4. thanks for your comments! i'm glad i found this october platform challenge as it is forcing me to put my writing out there and meeting like minded people!