Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Fantasy Pets

It's been a quiet week.  Other than Tess nearly mowing down a poor defenseless jogger, and Willow eating my tuna lunch one afternoon, the pets have been suspiciously well-behaved.  In her defense, Tess only mowed down a jogger because I was too busy picking up other people's dog poop to pay attention to the nice lady jogging my way.  By the time I noticed that Tess noticed her, it was too late. Tess was off like a shot, the lady covered her ears and nearly dropped to the ground in terror, and I have never run so fast or yelled so loud in my life.

When Tess mows people down, she really just wants love, snuggles, and kisses.  Most people don't mind.  Most people know dogs well enough that they don't feel threatened by her, and she rarely gets away from me anyway.  I thought this lady would pee her pants or cry.  She sort of looked like she was about to do both.  I managed to get a hold of my dog and apologize profusely to the jogger who probably will never set foot on that walking path again.

Probably a good move anyway since the entire length of it has a line of dog poop people have neglected to pick up.

Even I have to admit that the sight of a German shepherd barreling down on someone, tongue and canines hanging out, can be nerve-wracking to say the least for even the most devoted dog lover.

As for Willow, well, she has never gotten into my plate before.  None of my pets eat human food.  I guess when she smelled tuna that day and I left the container alone for a minute, she saw her chance and grabbed it.  Of course I had to throw it all out.  She was licking away and I know where that tongue has been.

Other than that, the gang has been really well behaved and that's when I start thinking about what other creatures I can add to the menagerie to spice things up again.  Not that I would actually.  Four pets are plenty and the last thing I need is another critter to clean up after.

My dream dog has always been a female German shepherd, and that is one dream I have realized and held on to.

I also have my black cat with big green eyes and fangs.

But other animals I've dreamed of owning are:

Papillon - there is something about these little dogs with butterfly ears that just melt my heart.  I've never really wanted a little dog, but I will always make the exception when it comes to Papillons.  I almost spent $1,500 dollars on one in a pet store, just because she was there and for sale.  I did come to my senses.  At one point I filled out an application to rescue one, but all the rescues are several states away and apparently Papillon lovers of the world do not feel like adopting out to Wyoming.

Pit Bull - I actually love these dogs.  They are diesel and look like Mack Trucks, but they are the sweetest-tempered creatures if raised properly.  I've never known a mean one.  My best friend has raised several and his are just big babies.  Like shepherds they just need the right kind of owner and they are awesome dogs.  And if you don't believe me, watch some Dog Whisperer.  I guarantee you'll fall in love with Daddy.  Also I'm a single woman, but if people saw me walking down the street with a German shepherd on one side and a Pit Bull on the another, I doubt anyone would mess with me.

Black Arabian Mare - I am by no means qualified to own a horse, let alone an Arabian.  But I love these horses.  They are high-strung dancers with pretty faces, and I've always thought that if I were a horse, I'd want to be an Arabian.  As for the color, well, I just have a thing for black animals, specifically horses and cats.

Abyssinian - these exotic-looking cats remind me of Egyptian statues and they can be taught to walk on a leash.  I would never buy one - I wouldn't even know where to find a breeder - but I've always wanted one of these cats.

Korat - I saw a pictures of these cats in a cat book when I was a little girl.  Their coats look blue or green in the right light and they have green or gold eyes.  They look almost metallic.  They are very unique and I've never seen one in real life.  The only thing cooler than having a black cat is having a green one.

Chinchilla - the cat not the rodent.  This will never happen as I am allergic to long-haired cats and again, there is no way I can afford one.  Kittens go for $2,000.  These silver-haired, green-eyed dream cats, however, are so beautiful, they remind me of angels.  Incidentally, I have a name picked out for my never-to-come-true dream cat and that is originally "Angel."

African Grey Parrot - and again I'm so original I'd name him Alex and teach him to count.  I also don't need a high maintenance bird who is smarter than me, so I will probably  never realize this dream, either.

Miniature Donkey - only because the Cowboy once threatened to buy me one for my birthday and when I looked them up - and then got to play with a couple at the zoo with my niece - I just fell in love.  Besides, that Arabian mare is going to need a buddy.

I'm interested in other people's dream animals.  What kinds of pets would you have and why if money or time weren't an issue?  Feel free to post in the comments!

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